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Neiser Capital

Capital and know how for young enterprises.

We provide capital and know-how for further growth.

Equity models

  • Growth capital / Business Angel feature for expanding companies

  • Participation in MBO / LBO situations

Equity is usually available in tranches of EUR 0.1 to 2 million.

Our know-how includes

  • 25 years strategic management consulting firm with broad industry know-how

  • 25 years market experience including IPO in domestic and foreign markets

  • 30 years as a legal consultant in business law

  • 30 years M&A experience in the purchase/sale of investments and numerous advisory and supervisory mandates

Key facts

  • 20 corporate investments since 2002

  • available private capital EUR 10 million

  • good contacts to all relevant financial institutions and underwriters

  • various supervisory and advisory mandates

We hold a maximum of ten active investments simultaneously to ensure optimal support.


Know How

Your contact: Dr. Jens Neiser

Born 1954, 1972 - 1980 law studies and business administration studies, both at the Universities of Cologne, Freiburg, Stuttgart and Berkeley

1981 doctorate OEC with an M&A topic.

1981 - 1984 Head of Controlling in an engineering company with EUR 250 million yearly turnover.

1984 - 1994 management consultant at Boston Consulting Group, active in the Munich office and 1989/90 New York. Areas of expertise:
- M&A, strategy, controlling, MIS, shareholder change
- Consumer goods, light industry, services, trade,
- Medium-sized companies up to EUR 3 billion revenue.

Since 1988 project manager, since 1992 managing director and partner of the Boston Consulting Group, also head of the German best practice group for corporate development.

Since 1993 own consulting company for asset management, advice for young entrepreneurs, investment and corporate controlling.

(Minority) investments in young companies in the IT area..

Accompanied numerous IPOs as an advisor and member of the board of directors.

Consulting on numerous corporate acquisitions and sales.

Portfolio and sale of Investments


Core considerations for establishing and financing of young companies

  • Clear definition of the customer's problem (market)

  • Advantages of the approach compared to alternatives (competition)

  • Technical feasibility of the solution

  • Assessment of growth, profitability and required resources (business plan)

  • Securing key human resources

  • Securing of financial resources

  • Construction of market entry barriers (patents, trademarks, know-how, time ...)

  • Management and organization

  • Vision +10 years (personal and company-related), exit strategy

  • Legal, tax, etc.

What we need from you

  • You are a convincing manager and shareholder/founder

  • You have clear goals

  • You have a business plan with balance sheet, P&L for the next three years, with a profit planned from the second year

  • You have been active for at least two years (exceptions possible)

  • You offer us a minimum participation of 10% (preferably 20 - 30%)

  • You plan a yearly growth of over 25% in turnover, 50% in yield

AND you expect more than money, f.e.

  • Commercial and legal know-how

  • Financing know-how up to IPO

  • Network of partners

  • International experience

Our Know How

Your Goal

neiser capital - we invest more than money

Contact us


neiser capital
Dr. Jens Neiser
Kirchweg 8
83627 Warngau
phone +49(0)8021 / 90850
fax +49(0)8021 / 90851